The original #TriHarderAR Team was formed, in response to a challenge, by four people unknown to each other IRL to take on the 2014 Beast of Ballyhoura adventure race. The rest is history...


Some or all of the event disciplines below and likely in a wholly random order!

On foot, on water, on bike, in daylight & darkness, fog, rain, sun. Knowing where you are makes it easier to get where you are going.
Whether it is on river, lake or at sea you are going to get your feet and butt wet. It's why we have a 'Butt Care' box with us all the time.
Trail Running
Kinda like trekking except faster! Well to be honest we should be trekking faster too but that's another days argument 😉
Mountain Biking
The choice of the discerning adventure racer - the 29er, full suspension MTB all Cookies AND Cream! 😀 Up, down, across, over, under you, on your back, you name it the bike is king.
Just to mix it up and test your nerve, jumping off 25m cliffs into the 'balmy' Irish waters and swimming from point to point, scrambling over rocky shorelines and dragging your pack with you. It is fun.
Get used to wet feet!! (It's why we have a 'Foot Care' box) From up mountains to wading through bogs & streams. Fields, beaches, moorland. There are no trails where you are going.
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