The Winter Blanket

So an email went around from Mike earlier asking each of us how training was going and what our plans are individually for Winter training.


Apart from the usual pressures of not eating or drinking too much (not much of a drinker anyway) through the next month or so there is also pressure time wise with short days and long nights in which to squeeze in training of any kind.

Yeah, I know, “but ye’r Adventure Racers!!” and tough enough to just SIU and get out in the rain and cold and dark!! Yep thankfully fully tooled up with all the geat needed, so no excuses there.

Anyway the next month for me is loads of core and functional weights work coupled with a run each day, including a couple of trail sessions and MTB if I get a chance.

Once we hit 2015 it will be all fast forward with tackling orienteering events and monthly team treks (I hope!) as some of the team have early season events booked I’ll look to get some decent early ‘testers’ done too.

That’s all for now.

#TriHarder – Sean

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