A Quick word from Warren after #AON2015

Last weekend saw the Art O’Neill Challenge take place in the Dublin & Wicklow mountains.
Our #TriHarder team-mate Warren was one for the few hardy souls taking on the Ultra Challenge. We had a quick word with team-mate Warren afterwards (his race report will follow):
“Delighted with how the race went.  Really tough conditions, from icy roads to the snow covered hills. Was fairly relentless.
Had a really good first section on the road. Felt great and ran all of it. Previous years I would walk some of the hills. By the stage, it was the furthest I had ran since September.
Second section was tough going. Visibility was poor and it was pretty cold. Hill was covered in snow so the going was tough. Was on my own so was bit nerve wracking being so isolated. Took it handy as the legs were a bit tired. Previous years this section was good boost but last night was just beer long, very cold and no end in sight.
Last section felt good going into it. It snowed for a bit and again was on my own. Made up a few places with a quick transition and got to art’s cross relatively quickly. But progress slowed a bit once on top. Again visibility was poor and with the snow, no obvious tracks. Felt fairly exposed here as I was in the middle of no where with no one around and it was freezing.
Eventually popped out on the final trail to the finish along with 8 others. Made for a v fast drag race to the end. Was nuts. All out for last 3km. Painful.
Really happy with the result given collar bone and poor lead up to the race. About 15 mins slower than last year but conditions were much harder.”
Impressive stuff Warren and really throwing the gauntlet down for the rest of the team to get stuck in to 2015!!
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