Having a splash in the new kayak..

Sean got out over the weekend on one of the rivers close to where he lives in Galway.

As you can see after all the recent rain there is a fair bit of swell in the water which meant a decent flow and a fair bit of chop. It is all about learning though and some simple things like forgetting to take out the scupper plugs can make a massive difference in how the boat handles.


This is the first section. After deliberately scooting past the exit point he turned to see how the boat would go up stream…. it didn’t!!! 🙂

This was expected, so he carried on down to the next set of bridges at Kilcolgan just before heading out to sea where a nice paddle would bring you out by Moran’s of the Weir. There is a second video being edited of the lower stream which flows through a lot of flooded land and with several small weirs it was again very choppy in places.

All in good time for the Coast2Coast this weekend!!

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