A tough day #TriHarder #BeastofBallyhoura

#TriHarder #BeastofBallyhoura So after leaving Waterford the guys were back on the water. Their pace though seemed to have slowed significantly, but so too had all the other teams around them, suggesting there was some pretty tough conditions around them. This was reinforced when the following update was posted

Looks the whole field except the top 10 have been short coursed.

VIA sleepmonsters:

“The sea paddle stage is taking longer than expected and in worsening conditions most of the race field took the second short course option. They will come ashore and walk to Dunmore East to start the next stage, missing checkpoint K5. (The photo shows Dumore East bay and the beach teams come ashore on.)”

“It looks like only the top 10 remain on the full route. Team 9, Black Hill/OpavaNet have retired with the girl on the team sick.”


Sounds like some pretty tough conditions. Can imagine the guys not too happy with being short coursed, but given the headway they were making it makes sense.


So where are they now? Looks like they have picked up a few spots, they’re now 35th, and out on their bikes in waterford, close to waterford airport if anyone knows where that is (i have no clue :))

that should take them past my bedtime, so expect the next update early tomorrow!!



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