Here there and everywhere #TriHarder #BeastofBallyhoura

#TriHarder #BeastofBallyhoura Getting a bit hard to keep track of things at the moment. The route loops back around itself a lot where they are, and all 3 of the leading seem to be well away from where i thought they would be, they seem further back the course than their last checkpoint, and nowhere near what should be their next one .

#TriHarder are motoring well though, they’re staying roughly on track, but are veering off the marked course at times, i can only guess that it’s either a shorter route based on terrain, an easier navigation point,  or to get some bonus points.

Now running in 37th space.

I hope they’re not getting the weather we have here, or Sean’s impressions of the Ronhill jackets are going to be put severely to the test!!

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