Tracking the Beast trackers

In case you missed the build up or have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, tomorrow Team #TriHarderAR (yes, the #Hashtag is part of our name 😉 ) will be embarking on the Adventure of their lifetime (so far).

Recently we have introduced the team, introduced the event and posted loads of training & racing experiences from 2015.

There is very little left for us to say or do. The bags are packed, unpacked, repacked, undone and packed for a final time (until tomorrow when we unpack to repack them again!!). Athletes from across Europe and even as far afield as Dundalk will be converging on University of Limerick tonight to check in and start soaking up the atmosphere.

Personally I have been very calm and relaxed though I did post on boards the other day that I am expecting the atmosphere in UL to be a bit…

😀 😀

There is little remaining for me to do except introduce you to Mossy who is taking over the mantle of dot watching extraordinaire for the next few days (in reality I’m grooming him for hie post-triathlon career as an adventure racer, but don’t tell him!! 😉 )

We have tons of people to thank, all our sponsors, boards.ie pals, Facebook and Twitter fans and each of us have our own personal thanks. Mine of course, is a HUGE thanks to my family, who are indulging in my adventure racing fantasies. Thank you Edel, Ruaidhri & Rachel.

See you all on the flip side!!

– TriHarder Sean


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