Tracking the Beast

Hi all

Mossy here, and for the next few days i’ll be trying to keep everyone up to speed on where the team is what they have done, and what lies ahead.

Sean has introduced the team already, and for all but one this is their second beast. Last year, the team started the race close to my house. I woke up the first morning of the race and checked the tracker, and decided it must either be broken or showing me my own location as it was showing them right on my doorstep!! But no, they were traversing the hills of East Clare and west Tipp.

Given the longer course this year, fair to say i don;t think they’ll be starting in the same point. But as soon as we know where they are, i’ll be posting updates. Stay tuned for a hectic  few days!!!


any questions you want to ask me, I’m on twitter @ mossym155

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