Time for the SHARTs!!

I stumbled across this brilliant post from Team Virtus a while ago about SHared Adventure Race Training sessions and just have not stopped laughing or thinking about it since!! 😀

Well now the time has come to get off the pot and do something about the SHART!!

We at #TriHarderAR have put our collective brains together and come up with a plan. We’re going to revisit some of our favourite training and racing locations and invite other adventure racers to come along and join us for a SHART.

The first one coming up is planned for the Saturday night through to Sunday morning of 5-6th March.

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We’re aiming for it to be a training session rather than a race ideally looking at 10/12 people in total but that is down to logistics and equipment.

What’s going to be involved?

Night navigation, orienteering, paddling (a decent one), mountain biking, hiking, hikeabike.


We will tell you this much, the Activity Centre at UL in Killaloe with be the muster point but you will be dragging yourself up, down, across and around and probably up again in both Co. Clare and Co. Tipperary

What time?

We reckon a start time around 8:30/9pm and to finish roughly 12 hours later in time for a bit of a breakfast barbeque

What gear do I need?

Well pretty much up to you, you are adventure racers!! We’re not going into mandatory kit lists but you should know what you will need, clothing & food-wise for yourself. We will need help with kayaks and you should have your own buoyancy aids, compasses etc.

This will be a chance to learn from each other too, maybe pick up some new skills and techniques.

Who’s it for?

It’s definitely not suitable for first-timers or short course racers. The purpose of SHARTs is to help long course (24hr+) racers to develop additional skills such as night navigation in a safe group type environment. This is a combined training event where teams are cooperating with each other rather than competing.

We will be looking at short day time training events that will suit those interested in checking out adventure racing.

Everyone attends entirely at their own risk and should have personal accident insurance as a matter of course.


Excellent! 🙂

Drop us an email through the form below with ‘SHARTs’ in the title and we’ll get more info out to you over the next week but you will have to bring (& make) your own breakfast:

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