Still here, there and everywhere….

As a team, we’ve been kinda quite for the past while. Since ITERA anyway, which seems like a far distant memory at this stage.

Individually we have all been flat out busy with life. Kate is the only TriHarderAR trooper who has managed to find that Work / Life / AR balance and is doing a mighty job of flying the colours around the world!

Kate raced Expedition Africa earlier this summer with the Raidlight Tumbleweeds and provided us with some thrilling dot watching. Plans are afoot for another Expedition race this Autumn too, so we have to catch up with her on the plans for that one.

The boys have been busy with work and life. Between new arrivals, building business opportunities, studying (congrats to Mike on his results), relocating (Sean in USA) there has not been a whole lot of time or opportunity to do any training let alone racing as a team in 2017. It looks like the season will end without a complete Team #TriHarderAR appearance at any of the adventure races including one of our favourites The Beast where it all started for us.

We’re still here, still loving the sport and with tons of ambitions ahead of us for future races. We’re not ready to #GoDark just yet 😀

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