Arderins List of Summits in Ireland

Reading my Irish Mountain Log which just arrived and its great to see we now have an official list of the Arderins which are the Irish version of projects like the Scottish Munros where hills are defined by a set of agreed criteria.

The Arderins is a list of 406 mountains that are 500m or greater in height with a prominence of at least 30m.

One of the chief goals was to redistribute the foot load of our hills from the ‘main’ hiking areas of Wicklow, Mournes and Reeks which are very much over used and encouraging a more proportional approach to hill walking challenges.

The list of the 406 Arderins is here:

Source: MountainViews.ie: Arderins List of Summits in Ireland

Like always though, access is a privilege and like all such cases when using the hills we should respect the landscape, the land owner and leave no trace just footsteps.

Leave No Trace – What you should know before you go
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