River basins of Ireland & UK

I really like this representation of the river catchment basins throughout Ireland & the UK.

Obviously there is an underlying message, if nature needs this amount of space to drain our land effectively, where are houses supposed to go? (that’s rhetorical) We know from the slightest heavy rain storm that we no longer have the natural water attenuation in our land as flooding is more and more evident – this is because of our built environment.

From an adventuring point of view the question is: is it possible to walk the length or breadth of Ireland cross country without getting your feet wet? 

I’m thinking initially something diagonal from Derry / Antrim to Kerry /Cork could be the way to do it but then you are dealing with the midland bogs too.

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Either way, it is an impressive representation.


Featured Photo by Rory Hennessey on Unsplash

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