Equadorian Adventure

We’ve been following Team Irish AR since last weekend as they battle through the conditions at the Huairasinchi Adventure Racing Wold Championships in Equador.

At some point last night something seems to have gone wrong and the team made a complete reversal of their path:

FireShot Screen Capture #126 - 'ARWC 2014 Expedition Race - Ecuador' - live_huairasinchi_com

There is a bit of speculation that either important gear has been forgotten for a climbing task ahead forcing a return to the last TZ (but surely the task penalty would not be more severe than losing hours), or health issues are affecting the team, or navigation errors.

The team is far too experienced to make such a huge nav error requiring almost a complete retrace of steps, but they seem to have reversed their path to the last CP, gone past it and now appear to be returning in the direction that they should be heading.

Team Irish AR

Seems really strange but then very few of us know how it would be in a jungle at altitude, sleep deprived and racing. God know what has happened but fingers crossed everyone is healthy and gets home safely.

2014 Beast of Ballyhoura Team Bio



The 2014 Beast of Ballyhoura was the inaugural race for Team #TriHarder, here is the bio that Captain Mike wrote-up for us:


#26 Team Tri Harder

Mike Casey O’Shea – Former rower, chocolate hob nob junkie and Team Captain.  Did a couple of long distance triathlons before venturing off road in 2012 to survive the Beast. Has since ditched the TT bike for a hard tail and when not splashing about in lakes, can be found falling off his bike on the Bart Simpson trail in Cratloe Woods.  Responsible for bike mechanics and race tactics
Kate Harrison – Horse trainer and road runner.  Ventured off road this year to win a Mountain Marathon and has since embraced the bike trails in preparation for her first multi sport experience.  She likes to jump in at the deep end! .  Also likes to wrestle trees while cycling and never stops smiling. Kate is the real power in the team and will be responsible for keeping the boys on their toes when the going gets tough.
Sean Conroy aka AmphKingWest – Runner, twitterathlete and gear junkie. Sean will leave no stone unturned to find ways of gearing up and fuelling up for his first Beast.  Coffee and butter anyone?!  Mr Motivator for the team and is the man with the endurance to stay strong to the end, provided he doesn’t fall asleep!  Responsible for backing up the team navigation decisions with old man wisdom!
Warren Swords – Mountain runner and lead Navigator.  Trusted with the small job of finding the CPs.  Has lots of experience running up and down hills and finding his way but this is his first Beast.  No task is too daunting for Mr Cool and wannabe triathlete. Warren will provide the calm decision making while Sean searches for missing cliff shots in his socks 🙂
How true his words were! 🙂

SleepMonsters Adventure Racing Reports – Huairasinchi – Team Irish AR Introduces Their Team


I noticed the markings on the floor on Twitter earlier and wondered what it was all about.

Simple system to ensure all the mandatory kit is present and packed!

Best of luck to Avril & the boys in Equador. We’ll be following excitedly.


Who are Team #TriHarder AR?

Back in January 2014 a call went out on the Traithlon / Duathlon / Adventure Racing forum on Boards.ie to put together a team in order to take on the Beast of Ballyhoura Adventure Race to be held in August 2014.

The organiser and defacto team Captain was to be Michael Casey O’Shea  who had a previous encounter with the Beast in 2012 and very quickly, along with Kate Harrison, Warren Swords and myself, Sean Conroy, Team #TriHarder was born.

We trained and tackled the Beast in 2014 and a love for #AdventureRacing blossomed. There are plenty of accounts both here on my own blog on the home page and in various Training Logs both privately held and publicly on Boards.ie of our adventures (I will link them in here).

What remains is a plan to grow the team through winter & Spring 2015 ready for a 3 day assault on the Beast in August 2015 and who knows where we go from there? Maybe #ITERA2016 which is a 5 day expedition event to be held in Ireland. Who knows?

Stay tuned…..

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