Inaugural meeting of Adventure Racing Ireland – Adventure Racing Ireland

Over the past few months a number of adventure racing enthusiasts have come together to explore the idea of establishing a representative body for the sport of adventure racing in Ireland.

We have all enjoyed the sport for years and we all believe that the sport needs a formal structure for it to develop and grow over the coming years. A working group was formed and after much work over the past three months they are now are now ready to launch Adventure Racing Ireland (ARI).

ARI will aim to bring the adventure racing community throughout the island of Ireland to work collectively to develop the sport.

It aims to develop and promote standards and good practice for the sport, will work to expand and develop a calendar of AR races, will provide training opportunities for members and support the setup of adventure racing clubs.

The vision, mission and objectives of the new association are all set out in a draft constitution, and you are invited to read this on the new website www.adventureracing.ie

Source: Inaugural meeting of Adventure Racing Ireland – Adventure Racing Ireland

Mission and Objectives of Adventure Racing Ireland

  • Mission of ARI:
    • ARI will develop the sport of Adventure Racing in Ireland through the operation of a membership-based organisation, which coordinates and supports adventure racing activities for participants and event
  • Objectives of ARI:
    • Develop and operate a membership-based organisation to lead and manage the sport of adventure racing
    • Develop and implement best practice for the sport of adventure racing
    • Develop partnerships and collaborations to support the development of adventure racing
    • Develop and facilitate the provision of suitable insurances for members and affiliated events and activities
    • Develop coaching and training opportunities for participants within the sport
  • Support event organisers with their event logistics, standards, land access, recognitions by relevant bodies and any way necessary to progress the continued development of the sport
  • Support the development of adventure racing clubs and teams
  • Promote the sport of adventure racing in Ireland
  • Promote environmental good practice within the sport of adventure racing
  • Use the sport to responsibly promote Ireland as a unique adventure tourist destination

ARI now invite you to attend this meeting on the 18th of October by registering on the eventbrite link below:


If you are interested in putting yourself forward for any position on the Executive Committee or can assist in any other way, ARI would be most grateful if you would get in touch before the 18th by emailing them at info@adventureracing.ie




Featured Photo by Matthew Sleeper on Unsplash

Hightailing it to Scotland – ITERA 2021

Our entry is in.

It will be 5 years since the team last raced together at ITERA 2016.

5 years since Mike’s serious injury, yet we still finished the race.

5 years since we belly laughed, cried and stormed around the West of Ireland

5 years older. Bigger kids, travel, jobs changes, responsibilities. Life!!

We can’t wait!!

Race Details

ITERA Race Details - Mountain Biking

The event will be a 5 day nonstop adventure race for mixed sex teams of 4. Including running / trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. The event will run from the 14th – 21st August 2021.

We have designed a race format and course that will allow all the teams to finish (although to be fair that did thwart us in 2019). The race will be achievable yet challenging to all levels. We are not planning to design the hardest adventure race ever, in fact quite the opposite; we want it to be fun, interesting and an accessible event. Every night we will provide access to warm and dry shelter.

What’s included

An amazing journey through Scotland!

ITERA Race Details -

  • 2 sets of maps of fully marked up Ordnance Survey maps for each team
  • Logistics to move your kit and bikes around the course – historically these events have had around 10 stages with a mixture of paddling, MTBing and trekking.
  • Sportident electronic timing
  • Live Tracking along with a portal with Leaderboard, photos, news items and videos so friends can see how you are getting on.
  • Post event buffet
  • Event T-shirt
  • Event base for you to sort your kit out, register and be part of event briefing
  • Event photos for you to share post event (you won’t need to pay for these).
  • A fair and competitive event, we will be adopting the ARWS rules and will have a race referee on the event.
  • Event bibs

Race Timetable

Saturday 14th midday registration
Sunday 15th kit prep
Monday 16th race starts
Friday 20th race finishes
Friday 20th Evening – reception / prize giving.
Saturday 21st competitors depart

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