Hightailing it to Scotland – ITERA 2021

Our entry is in.

It will be 5 years since the team last raced together at ITERA 2016.

5 years since Mike’s serious injury, yet we still finished the race.

5 years since we belly laughed, cried and stormed around the West of Ireland

5 years older. Bigger kids, travel, jobs changes, responsibilities. Life!!

We can’t wait!!

Race Details

ITERA Race Details - Mountain Biking

The event will be a 5 day nonstop adventure race for mixed sex teams of 4. Including running / trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. The event will run from the 14th – 21st August 2021.

We have designed a race format and course that will allow all the teams to finish (although to be fair that did thwart us in 2019). The race will be achievable yet challenging to all levels. We are not planning to design the hardest adventure race ever, in fact quite the opposite; we want it to be fun, interesting and an accessible event. Every night we will provide access to warm and dry shelter.

What’s included

An amazing journey through Scotland!

ITERA Race Details -

  • 2 sets of maps of fully marked up Ordnance Survey maps for each team
  • Logistics to move your kit and bikes around the course – historically these events have had around 10 stages with a mixture of paddling, MTBing and trekking.
  • Sportident electronic timing
  • Live Tracking along with a portal with Leaderboard, photos, news items and videos so friends can see how you are getting on.
  • Post event buffet
  • Event T-shirt
  • Event base for you to sort your kit out, register and be part of event briefing
  • Event photos for you to share post event (you won’t need to pay for these).
  • A fair and competitive event, we will be adopting the ARWS rules and will have a race referee on the event.
  • Event bibs

Race Timetable

Saturday 14th midday registration
Sunday 15th kit prep
Monday 16th race starts
Friday 20th race finishes
Friday 20th Evening – reception / prize giving.
Saturday 21st competitors depart

#ITERA Live Tracking Link

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The tracking link for next weeks’ ITERA Ireland will go live when the race starts next Wednesday as 12:00 you can bookmark if here itera.ie/live and add Team 34 #TriHarderAR to your favourites.

You can see from the team bio that we are arriving at the start line prepared, despite the ups, downs and crashed of this season. We’re rocking on a high from our past experiences and know that this is a race that we want to prove ourselves at.

If #TriHarderAR can execute the plan they will surprise a few in this years ITERA, which is their first foray into the Adventure Racing World Series.

A tight knit, fun loving team with a never quit, #GoDark kinda attitude! Click To Tweet

Sean is half the nav duo and brings most of the laughs to the party. He tends to make the smart calls and has regularly saved the team from trouble.

Peter is the rock, unshakable, unbreakable and will keep the team pace honest.

Kate, holds the team accountable to the plan, jobs and having the craic.

Mike is the other half of the nav duo and team captain.

We are genuinely delighted that ITERA has come to the Emerald Isle and have been tracking developments since it was first announced in 2014.

We are also grateful for the support of our team sponsors Silva, Kalas, For Goodness Shakes and Gotta Run sponsoring Sean (Check out our Sponsors page

How’s your adventuring spirit? Are you up for a huge challenge this summer?

If you have a look over here ———>>>>>

you will see that it is a little over 2 months and 2 weeks until #TriHarderAR takes their place in ITERA Ireland alongside some HUGE international adventure racing teams.

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Check out the Countdown Clock —->>

If the clock on the right was not a big enough clue, the seed that Ron Howard from Sleepmosters sowed in our collective #adventureracing heads at the 2015 Beast of Ballyhoura wrap party has germinated into a sapling for 2016 & taken root.

Teasing videos like this from Moycullen Bike Works don’t help with resisting temptation!!

Enjoy 🙂


A Fat-bike Adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way from iFatBike on Vimeo.


Find out more...ITERA 2016 Ireland www.itera.ie Click To Tweet

Tracking the Beast trackers

In case you missed the build up or have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, tomorrow Team #TriHarderAR (yes, the #Hashtag is part of our name 😉 ) will be embarking on the Adventure of their lifetime (so far).

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Going Coast to Coast in Ireland

Time for me to step up to the plate and register for some other races in 2015.

My wife has expressed interest in Adventure Racing so after a bit of discussion and looking around we settled on taking on the Non-Stop Coast to Coast Challenge from Co. Sligo to Co. Down in May for our own bit of team building exercise:



Ireland, an island steeped in history and mythology with scenery which rivals that of any other sights around the globe. For many years visitors have flown or sailed to Irish shores to take in these sights and to go home with great memories of this fantastic island. For one week in May many travelling will have their sights set on a truly iconic event – the 26 Extreme Coast to Coast Multisport Race Across Ireland.

Traversing Ireland in a west to east format the route of the 26 Extreme Coast to Coast will pass through unspoilt rural locations, through quaint villages and along one of the most famous waterways in Ireland – The Shannon – Erne Waterway. Whether you choose to race the NON-STOP version or the TWO DAY version you will follow a route which winds its way along 316km of the best cycling, paddling and running terrain Ireland has to offer. Competitors will be truly astounded at the scenery and challenge laid down before them in this fantastic event.

The event starts with a run on Enniscrone beach in Sligo and then follows a bike, paddle, bike, run format until we get finished in Co. Down. We’re entered to do the Non-Stop version so will be tackling the following in one continuous go (links will bring you to the route maps):

Beach Run 5km
Road Cycle 107km
Paddle 26.5km
Road Cycle 17km
Road Cycle 122km
Off Road Run 35km

One Day Distance




Ireland – Coast to Coast – Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th May 2015
Course Option: Non-Stop
Team Type: Pair
Class: Mixed
Club: Team #TriHarder AR

Team Type Name: Gotta Run

Team Member 1: Sean Conroy
Team Member 2: Edel Conroy

Apart from enjoying the experience and completing the main goal for us is to see how we get on together working as a different kind of team, without the kids around!! 🙂

As most Adventure Racers will know there is a dynamic to the team and how it works together before and during a race. It is this dynamic that I think will be different because we are a couple and life partners too. I’m really looking forward to this as it opens a whole lot of new doors for us. What else could be better than finding out that both of you love Adventure Racing?!

Imagine a whole new world opening up for holiday destinations!! 🙂

See you out there!



It just got real!!!

Mike has just confirmed that Team #TriHarder are registered for the 2015 Beast of Ballyhoura!! 😀

Time to get a move on with the training 😀

There just aren’t enough smilies  for this post!!!:D 😀

The Beast of Ballyhoura – Tuesday 28th July to Monday 3rd August 2015

Class: Mixed
Team Name: #TriHarderAR
Team Nationality: Irish
Team Website details: http://triharderar.com/
Team Facebook details: https://www.facebook.com/triharderAR
Other Social Media details: https://twitter.com/TriHarderAR

Let the pictures do the talking…

This is what Team #TriHarder AR is all about!

72 hours racing, going to be AWESOME!!

– Sean

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