Introducing the #TriHarderAR Team tackling the #BeastofBallyhoura 2015

As I write this, in just over 6 days, 10 hours, 17 minutes and a fistful of seconds, Team #TriHarderAR will be loading onto a bus at 5:30am to be brought to the secret starting point of the 2015 Beast of Ballyhoura Adventure Racethe finals for the 2015 Adventure Racing European Series (ARES)

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Silva letting us see the light!

One of the big challenges in Adventure Racing (apart from kayaking, swimming, hiking, mountain biking and generally staying awake for days on end!!) is that you have to deal with Night Navigation and travel.

Unfortunately we are not build with eyes that are capable of night vision so we rely on outside sources of light to see where we are going.

Fortunately Team #TriHarder have a fantastic sponsor by way of Silva Sweden who have just sent us a goodie box packed full of lux of brightness!! 🙂



In here we have a number of the Silva CrossTrail II 250 which is a super-bright multi functional lamp ideal for use on the trail whatever you’re out there doing! It can quickly be switched between the head band to a helmet or handle bar mount making it a great choice and all the attachments are included in the box. Set up the mount on the bike and helmet and easily switch between mounts (though Sean generally sticks with the head strap throughout).

The maximum light produced is an amazing 250 lumens, which gives us an excellent 80 meter beam allowing us (no excuses) travel quickly with confidence. The Cross Trail II has an external belt mounted battery pack allowing it to be carried around the waist ensuring stability.

A thicker elasticated head band holds the lamp securely in place with a rubberised band, ensuring it stays put over the roughest terrain. Intelligent light technology* provides bright light on the track in front of you and also at your feet, enabling you to run or ski with confidence.

*Silva Intelligent Light® is a light distribution technology. It combines a wide angle flood light with a long reach spot light. The unique light image gives the user peripheral and long distance vision at the same time.


Cross Trail II

The second box of lights is a set of the Simi which are stylish high-output safety lights that are easy to mount on frame or handlebars which we have in white and red light. (Front and back)

The bright LED lights are capable of a fixed or flashing light output which is super bright ensuring that we are seen. Very, very handy when barrelling along country roads at 2 and 3am on mountain bikes!!


As always we are ever grateful for the support of such awesome companies like Silva and really look forward to delivering results with their help through 2015 and beyond.

If you would like to check out the Silva range please visit their website or even better pop over to our retail sponsor and use your #TriHarder special discount code to get a great deal on the range.

Thankyou @Ronhill_UK!!

As we start counting down the days to our Beast of Ballyhoura adventure for 2015 it is worth acknowledging and thanking the companies who have supported us through our racing and training to date.

First up we would like to thank Ronhill UK for providing us with the required all weather gear that kept us dry and snug through all sorts of weather both at last August’s Beast of Ballyhoura but also through other events and last winters training. The jackets are being put through their paces in all kinds of conditions and really are standing up to the rigours.

Here is Sean’s post from last year:

As you may know I am training as part of Team #TriharderAR to take part in The Beast of Ballyhoura.

I am lucky in my position with work to be in touch with some of the most amazing specialist brands on the market (all of whom we stock in Amphibian King Galway)

As part of our mandatory kit for The Beast we are required to have fully waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers.

As it turns out Ronhill UK have off the shelf specialist jackets and trousers and are supporting Team Triharder with a complete set for each team member!!

Awesome, thankyou Ronhill!!

Spec on the Trail Tempest Jacket-

  • Market leading super-lightweight waterproof running jacket
  • Aqualite fabric
  • Mountain marathon event regulation spec
  • Just 250 grms.
  • 2.5 layer hydrophilic coating
  • Waterproof to a minimum 10,000mm hydrostatic head
  • Breathable: minimum 15,000 g/m2/24hours (mVtr)

Spec on the Trail Tempest Trousers-

  • Super lightweight, waterproof, & complementary, running pant for the trail tempest Jacket.
  • Aqualite fabric
  • Mountain marathon event regulation spec
  • Just 166 grms.
  • 2.5 layer hydrophilic coating
  • Waterproof to a minimum 10,000mm hydrostatic head
  • Breathable: minimum 15,000 g/m2/24hours

Other equipment suppliers will be coming on board. If you have a product you feel is suitable for Adventure Racing and would like us to field test or review, we’d be delighted to help 🙂

We are grateful for all the support and look forward to another year flying the Ronhill flag!




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