Going Coast to Coast in Ireland

Time for me to step up to the plate and register for some other races in 2015.

My wife has expressed interest in Adventure Racing so after a bit of discussion and looking around we settled on taking on the Non-Stop Coast to Coast Challenge from Co. Sligo to Co. Down in May for our own bit of team building exercise:



Ireland, an island steeped in history and mythology with scenery which rivals that of any other sights around the globe. For many years visitors have flown or sailed to Irish shores to take in these sights and to go home with great memories of this fantastic island. For one week in May many travelling will have their sights set on a truly iconic event – the 26 Extreme Coast to Coast Multisport Race Across Ireland.

Traversing Ireland in a west to east format the route of the 26 Extreme Coast to Coast will pass through unspoilt rural locations, through quaint villages and along one of the most famous waterways in Ireland – The Shannon – Erne Waterway. Whether you choose to race the NON-STOP version or the TWO DAY version you will follow a route which winds its way along 316km of the best cycling, paddling and running terrain Ireland has to offer. Competitors will be truly astounded at the scenery and challenge laid down before them in this fantastic event.

The event starts with a run on Enniscrone beach in Sligo and then follows a bike, paddle, bike, run format until we get finished in Co. Down. We’re entered to do the Non-Stop version so will be tackling the following in one continuous go (links will bring you to the route maps):

Beach Run 5km
Road Cycle 107km
Paddle 26.5km
Road Cycle 17km
Road Cycle 122km
Off Road Run 35km

One Day Distance




Ireland – Coast to Coast – Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th May 2015
Course Option: Non-Stop
Team Type: Pair
Class: Mixed
Club: Team #TriHarder AR

Team Type Name: Gotta Run

Team Member 1: Sean Conroy
Team Member 2: Edel Conroy

Apart from enjoying the experience and completing the main goal for us is to see how we get on together working as a different kind of team, without the kids around!! 🙂

As most Adventure Racers will know there is a dynamic to the team and how it works together before and during a race. It is this dynamic that I think will be different because we are a couple and life partners too. I’m really looking forward to this as it opens a whole lot of new doors for us. What else could be better than finding out that both of you love Adventure Racing?!

Imagine a whole new world opening up for holiday destinations!! 🙂

See you out there!



A Quick word from Warren after #AON2015

Last weekend saw the Art O’Neill Challenge take place in the Dublin & Wicklow mountains.
Our #TriHarder team-mate Warren was one for the few hardy souls taking on the Ultra Challenge. We had a quick word with team-mate Warren afterwards (his race report will follow):
“Delighted with how the race went.  Really tough conditions, from icy roads to the snow covered hills. Was fairly relentless.
Had a really good first section on the road. Felt great and ran all of it. Previous years I would walk some of the hills. By the stage, it was the furthest I had ran since September.
Second section was tough going. Visibility was poor and it was pretty cold. Hill was covered in snow so the going was tough. Was on my own so was bit nerve wracking being so isolated. Took it handy as the legs were a bit tired. Previous years this section was good boost but last night was just beer long, very cold and no end in sight.
Last section felt good going into it. It snowed for a bit and again was on my own. Made up a few places with a quick transition and got to art’s cross relatively quickly. But progress slowed a bit once on top. Again visibility was poor and with the snow, no obvious tracks. Felt fairly exposed here as I was in the middle of no where with no one around and it was freezing.
Eventually popped out on the final trail to the finish along with 8 others. Made for a v fast drag race to the end. Was nuts. All out for last 3km. Painful.
Really happy with the result given collar bone and poor lead up to the race. About 15 mins slower than last year but conditions were much harder.”
Impressive stuff Warren and really throwing the gauntlet down for the rest of the team to get stuck in to 2015!!

Who are Team #TriHarder AR?

Back in January 2014 a call went out on the Traithlon / Duathlon / Adventure Racing forum on Boards.ie to put together a team in order to take on the Beast of Ballyhoura Adventure Race to be held in August 2014.

The organiser and defacto team Captain was to be Michael Casey O’Shea  who had a previous encounter with the Beast in 2012 and very quickly, along with Kate Harrison, Warren Swords and myself, Sean Conroy, Team #TriHarder was born.

We trained and tackled the Beast in 2014 and a love for #AdventureRacing blossomed. There are plenty of accounts both here on my own blog on the home page and in various Training Logs both privately held and publicly on Boards.ie of our adventures (I will link them in here).

What remains is a plan to grow the team through winter & Spring 2015 ready for a 3 day assault on the Beast in August 2015 and who knows where we go from there? Maybe #ITERA2016 which is a 5 day expedition event to be held in Ireland. Who knows?

Stay tuned…..

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