Where did #TriHarderAR come from?

If you have come this far on our website you may know that Team #TriHarderAR was formed by 4 online contacts as a response to a call on Boards.ie.

If you didn’t know the background here’s how it all Started

A call goes out...
A call goes out…

Not too long after this and with absolutely no due consideration:

AKW sticks his neck on the block
AKW sticks his neck on the block

Followed swiftly by Warren:

TriHarder Start Warren
Warren commits

And in no time at all there we had it, four strangers, known only to each other by their online personas ( I had met Mike but only recently when we opened a store in Limerick) all ready to commit to forming a team that would train and race together for 40 hours in less than 7 months time!

Oh, and the name was born!! (I added the ‘#’ afterwards)

TriHarder is Born