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2K Erg

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Wednesday 28 Oct
Row 60 mins | Easy 13.4km | HRR 46%

Thursday 29 Oct
S&C 30 mins | Foam Roller & Mobility
Run 51 mins | Easy 6.27m @8:11 | HRR 66%
Row 30 mins | SS 7.4km | HRR 68%

All one session. The legs felt good after rolling them out. Some dynamic mobility movements and I was out into the dark for an easy few miles. Some unlit sections of the route and I should have worn a hi-viz. Straight onto the rower for a half hour sweat. Feeling good. All the soreness from Tuesday gone.

Friday 30 Oct - 2k TT - October A Goal

I was nervous about this. A 2k erg TT is the definitive rowing fitness test. Its a distance you have to execute to your best. A 4 month aerobic base and some recent specific TT pace workouts on top. Now was time to see if I could crack 7 minutes. A sub7 2k erg is one way of saying you are fit and can handle pain.

The plan
Build 5 strokes to get the stroke rate.
10 Hard strokes above race pace.
Transition (not suddenly) to race pace over 5 strokes
This should have me at 200-250m

The next middle section is crucial.
Settle to a pace you can hold for 1km without burning up. Consistent pace, consistent rate.

At 700m to go... start turning the screw
At 500m to go - drop the pace split by 1 sec
at 300m to go - drop the pace split by 1 sec
at 100m to go - just go!

The target pace was 1:44 per 500m. That would give me a 6:57. I set it up for 200m splits and after a 20 minute warm up with some builds at pace, I got stuck in.

First 15 hard strokes at 1:38. The power and the adrenaline is there. 200m splits as the first split was my key to back off and transition to race pace. The risk was if I could control it I would burn matches too soon.

The next split was at 400m and by now I needed to be into my rhythm. Calmed down, pushing the legs and relaxing to a long stroke. I practiced this pace in 500m and 1k workouts at a little lower rate 26-28 to work on power. At 31spm I settled at 1:43.0 and sat rock solid on this for 800m at 91% HRR.

This was the point to start turning the screw, if I had paced it right. For the next 3 200m splits I tightened it, 1:41, 1:40, 1:39... and teh effort clilmbed 93%, 94%, 95%...

I was now counting every 10 strokes but I knew I had it if I could hold on. 200m to go and although it feels like I have no more, I push again. Now the legs start to give. The lactic is taking over and fighting back. I hold it for 10 more strokes at 1:36. 100m to go and I start to fade. I put up a fight to hold it at 1:39 for the last strokes and finally finish with 6:44.3!!

Absolutely pumped by that.

It tops any TT I've done running or rowing this year. I put the training in and could not have executed any better. It was a negative split and I only started to fade 5 strokes from the finish. Sub7 baby, fit I am

Delighted to put that one away. November will be more of a running focus with a 10k TT, injury recovery dependent, to see where I am at. November rowing switches to distance and a long standing goal of a sub 3 marathon.

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281 days to go

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Week Review
Simple week but significant in that I managed 5 runs :D Hit the volume target of 30 miles too. Had to do 10 miles in sunshine and 4 miles in the rain over the weekend to complete that. Delighted to go sub7 on the 2k erg too. All in all a good simple week hotting the objectives. I did eat an awful lot of Halloween related crap though. I foam rolled a couple of times this week before sessions and it felt good.

Last week activities: Overall 9hrs 59mins
Row (5) sessions | 3hrs 15mins | 47km
Run (5) sessions | 4hr 52mins | 31 miles
S&C (2) sessions | 50mins
Yoga/Mobility (2) sessions | 1hr

Week Ahead
40 miles running
100k rowing
2 hours S&C
1 hour accessories - foam roller, mobility
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280 days to go

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Monday 2 Nov
Row 60 mins | 13.7km | HRR 49%
Run 61 mins | 7.67m @8:03 | HRR 61%

Simple day. An hour rowing easy and an hour running easy later. The run was infinitely more enjoyable, despite the darkness. The moon was out and there was a stillness to the air. A brief respite from the deluge of recent wind and rain. My only objective was run, and keep a lid on it. I did one of the usual route starts into town and onto the bank. The Shannon looked like black glass reflecting the streetlights. A tight bevy of swans were stretching their enormous wings magnificently illuminated under the glow of one of the lights.

I entered Arthurs Quay park and had to run through a dimly lit foreboding group of hooded lads sculling cans of sorts. I thought about taking a wide berth but stood up and kept my stride. Nothing to worry about, a couple of wobbly cheers. From the exit of the park I rounded the corner to the Hunt Museum. I usually cross the bridge to the Cathedral and continue around by the Castle, one of my favourite attractions. Instead I crossed the road and headed out the riverbank toward Corbally. I haven't run this route in the dark before, albeit well lit up with path lights. The stillness of the dark trees and the empty trail made for a very pleasant few miles. I eventually emerged back into suburbia. The opposite end of my hometown. Just a straight couple of miles home then, but I couldn't resist the detour around the castle and down the opposite side of the river. Usually wonderful culinary smells coming from the Curragower restaurant but due to this damn pandemic, not this evening.

I turned back over the bride flanked by boathouses to run up the main street home. I noticed all the Christmas lights for Limerick city are already in place. Not switched on yet but I already look forward to this same run when they are.
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270 days to go... will it happen?

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I felt like last week was a waste but I still banked 9 hours and 37 miles, highest mileage since May! Likely due to life getting in the way at the weekend, in a good way. Running more now means rowing less but I'll still hold onto it. I intend to make the S&C more than just a token 1-2 weekly.

A new week with simple objectives
Run 40 miles
Do a long MP focused row
More S&C

Monday 9 Nov
Row 60 mins | Easy 13.4k | HRR 50%
S&C 17 mins | 50-40-30-20-10-20-30-40-50 Ladder

50 sit ups
40 kettlebell lunges
30 dumbbell snatches
20 pull ups
10 burpees
Then back up the ladder. It was not "for time" so I did each movement a bit more deliberately slowly. The sit ups were rubbish, engaging more of my hip flexors than core. Everything else was quality.

Tuesday 10 Nov
Run 1hr04 | Steady 8.61m @7:24 | HRR 68-79%
Row 30 mins | Steady 7,591m | HRR 65-76%

The mini streak recently, 7 days in a row, was likely a bit much for the foot. I felt an ominous click over the weekend to remind me to be cautious. A couple of days rest and I was feeling much better. This run included some lovely sunny running as I feel kinda miles in the countryside. It ended up as a mile easy, 10k at 7:15 and a mile easy. A good steady effort, pressing hills and cadence. The leaves are starting to melt and dark it is.

Work was busy for a few hours and by the time I collected the kids, did homework and fed them I was peckish myself. I'm not one that can train straight after a meal so I hopped on the erg for a short steady half hour. The energy was not there so I found the steady state tougher than expected.
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Thursday 12 Nov
Run 1hr05 | Easy 8.14m @8:11 | HRR 61%

Just a run today. Easy midday meandering miles in a chilly breeze. Plenty of energy after a day off yesterday. The last of the leaves already falling, leaving wet red carpets on trails. The trail behind my house is a special little half mile loop. First thought I had was that I'll happily loop it for short recovery runs in future. Today it was one loop and into town. Came across Swashbuckler on the Condell path. He was dressed for running in a blizzard so it was last second I recognised him.

For the rest of the run I had a think about running objectives. The last one I had before I got injured was a sub40 10k. Feels like a reasonable goal to end a strange year. 7 weeks to achieve 10k at 6:20 pace. How hard can it be?

Friday the 13th.. workout day or do I dare!
Run 1hr05 | 4x4min LT | HRR 81-89%

Right so. Firstly, finished this and ran all the way home. Secondly it was good and I felt great after it. Lastly, I can pace myself on the rower as I have immediate feedback every stroke. For running workouts however, much I have to learn about pacing. As usual went off too hot on these reps only to try to correct and not finding a rhythm. It was windy so on a square Industrial Estate loop one side was more effort than the other. The effort felt like 10k or what I imagine it to be. I haven't done a 10k in 8 years!

Workout: 4x4min @6:20 off 2mins easy

Reps | Pace | HRR
4mins | 6:12 | 77-88%
4mins | 6:13 | 79-88%
4mins | 6:09 | 81-89%
4mins | 6:12 | 81-89%

Overall the full Lactate Threshold spectrum 81-89% so good 10k practice. The pace however was a bit quicker than target and not one at this point I feel I could hold for 10k. Thats the challenge though. More to come. Very happy to bank this first workout. 8.6m total.

Saturday 14 Nov
Long Run 1hr45 | 13m @8:06 | HRR 61-73%

Had to be done before herself left for work. Thankfully it was also before the wind and rain arrived. Longest run, timewise, in 6 months. The highlight was running through UL and over the eerily quiet living bridge, when a swan flew across my path at full length no more than 10ft in front of me. Awesome majestic sight as daylight began to stretch. I picked it up just on cadence for the last 4 miles.

The bursa in my left foot was clicking all day. Not painful but I felt rest was required. 38 miles done for the week over 4 runs, same as last week but with a workout included. I was tempted today to run a few miles just to hit the weekly goal of 40m. Instead went for a long walk and played rugby with the kids. I haven't rowed in a few days after straining my lower back. Overall a pretty low volume week at just 7hrs.

Next week
5-6 runs including a 10k focused workout
Long row - the marathon pushing out to Xmas to give me a chance to string some long rows together.
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Catch Up

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W/E 22 Nov - Monday
Row 60 mins | 14.6km (2:03.1) | HRR 59%
S&C 20 mins

I had intended a run but I had, still have, a right shin splint that I can barely painfully roll. All from kicking a rugby ball on Sunday. An hour easy on the rower instead at a sub3 marathon pace. Just need to hold it for another 2 hours in a few weeks, how hard can it be?

Afterwards my daughter wanted to hang off the pull up bar. After a family "hang tough" session I did a quick set of
5x Strict pull ups to fail with 1 min rest - 20, 4, 7, 7, 8 = 46 total
5x Push ups to fail with 1 min rest - 31, 14, 13, 11, 11 = 80 total
90 sec hang from the bar
90 sec plank

Firstly I was happy to hit 20 pull ups. Last time I went to fail I could do 17. The last 2 reps though were all in. The 60 secs passed in a blink and I barely managed 4. I sort of recovered a little after that for the next round. Doing push ups straight after felt a little masochistic. For the 5th go at those I felt I couldn't do one more, let alone go to fail again. My shoulders and arms burned. What I learned was that going to fail 10 times in 15 minutes leaves you a little light headed.

W/E 22 Nov - Tuesday
Run 60 min | 6.8m @8:49 | HRR 57%
S&C 20 min

Up to end of June this year I covered 1,500 miles. I was on track for 3k. Since the injury then, I've managed just 300 miles in 5 months. Total 1,885m for the year. Just a little consistency for 2k by Xmas.

Needed to get out for air after a long day WFH. Realised I had an errand to run, so I ran it. Roughly 30min out and back. Mostly into a dark stiff wind out and sailed home. Very easy effort as the shin splint still bothering me.

Some S&C after it. Simple 2 rounds of 20
Pull ups, DB snatches, push ups, reverse lunges, box jumps, burpees, squats and some core. Grand session but shin too sore to roll out. Opted for ice instead

W/E 22 Nov - Wednesday
Run 1hr08 | Easy 8,77m @7:50 | HRR 64%
Row 1hr00 | Steady 15.1k @1:58.9 | HRR 69-89%

The run was grand apart from the p!ssing rain. An early one for a change, doing my pre run mobility outside the door sleepily before 6am. As usual the first mile was awful. Everything felt tight and sluggish. It was even darker with the clouds and rain. I had a hi-viz on but kept to the town and lights. The pace felt sluggish too but I was registering 8min miles so the engine was running. It was just hard to warm up. I took a loop around Hyde Road and the quays, leaving the run up town under the Christmas lights to the end as a sort of reward.

Later after a days work and the usual kids shenanigans, I hopped on the rower for a steady hour. I was labouring for it for the first 30 minutes. I wanted to do 15k and it would normally be a steady but not LT effort. I stopped for a drink and a breather but gave out to myself for not seeing it through. Back on to get it done, needing a near 19min 5k to pull in the 15k finish. The effort to do so climbed through the LT zone. I finished knocking on the door of the red zone and panting. I was tired starting and hadn't hydrated during the day sufficiently. A feed and early to bed it was.

W/E 22 Nov - Thursday
Run 1hr00 | Steady 8.13m @7:24 | HRR 69-79%

"Just" a run again today. An hour sandwiched into a 64 minute window that I also need to eat something before logging back in. I had more time but got caught "available" by a VP that needed 5 minutes 10 minutes later I dashed up the stairs, gear on and cut the mobility outside the door in half. Ooh, nippy, but lovely. Noticed I had my next meeting in 65 minutes. My goal was 8 miles but also to run easy so I agreed with myself to scale it back. 30 minutes out and back was the max I could squeeze in.

Set out and instead of focusing on "easy" which invariable leads to a plodding cadence, I focused on cadence itself. I usually run at 160-164 for all but "work" reps. Usually the first mile is warm up and slow and awkward, however having a "deadline" got me right into a stride. Glanced at the watch and switched to cadence. It was in the 170s, focus needed but not over stretching. 7:44 for the first mile. Fresh start.

Went for a straight out and back. Lovely chilly sunny afternoon. Plenty out walking and running along the river. The miles were ticking by comfortably with the fresher than usual cadence. I had 7 miles in mind but the miles were 7:30s or better. Hit 4 miles bang on 30:00 and turned around. Right, just maintain 7:30s and I'll be home in time to grab something and log back in. HRR was low 70% now but the cadence was still good and I felt good. Even dialing it back a little on the final long hill, the last 4 miles average was 7:17.

No time for a shower. Grabbed a shake, nuked some leftover dinner and logged in very happy to grab that window and get it done

W/E Nov 22 - Sunday

Run 1hr15 | 6x4min LT | HRR 80-89%

A bit frustrating the week didn't pan out as planned. A couple of days of nauseating vertigo almost made a waste of the weekend. Alas coaching rugby on Sunday morning in the chilly sunshine, I felt better. Better enough to run later. I just had to decide what to do. I missed the workout Friday, long run and long row. Just 29k rowing for the week won't help a marathon attempt but I have time to get that back, the base is there. The sub40 10k TT is much tougher ask for where I am with running so I felt doing the workout would be the best option.

I ran the last hour of daylight which is always enjoyable, though not the break of dawn hour. 2 steady miles up to the Industrial Estate. Little wind this time so no excuse for pacing. From the numbers below, it would seem I hit the paces but it was not a good workout. It felt good in that I got 24 minutes of "work" done, progress on last week. The recoveries for the first 3-4 reps were pretty good too. However too much of the reps were either too fast or too slow. I just don't have a feel for 10k effort or 6:20 pace yet. I think I need to set the watch up different to give me average rep pace to control things.

I'll do better this week!
34 miles total for the week. Not great but at least its consistent.

Workout: 6x4min @6:20 off 2mins easy

Reps | Pace | HRR
4mins | 6:13 | 82%
4mins | 6:07 | 82%
4mins | 6:16 | 84%
4mins | 6:18 | 84%
4mins | 6:08 | 84%
4mins | 6:12 | 84%
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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W/E Nov 29 - Monday
Run 1hr08 | Easy 8.18m @8:23 | HRR 57%
S&C 46 mins | Skipping, rowing, plyometrics
Row 1hr00 | Easy 13.3k @2:15.0 | HRR 50%

Another early am run. Getting at least on per week out early. Need more than that to create a habit. Thing is I'm a bit of a book worm. Once I start one I need to finish at least the chapter. Just finished all the Harry Potters and reading Artemis by Andy Weir. Nice to read more adult content after 3,500 pages of Hogwarts! I tend to switch off my phone and read before sleep. Anyway out for 6am for an easy peaceful trot around a pitch dark countryside.

For these easiest of easy runs, I use only HRR as a guide but mainly run on feel and breathing. The highlight of the run was the start of daybreak. Just a crack in the night sky, waking up the dawn chorus.

Lunchtime was 10 minutes of skipping, 10 minutes rower, pull ups, chin ups, press ups, dumbbell snatch, burpees, box jumps, plank walks, side planks, hollow rocks, hollow arch all done with Caz. She is suitably sore today

Later in the evening an hour easy on the rower again. Various stroke rates to keep it somewhat interesting. The rain was pelting off the windows beside me making me happy I chose to run first today!
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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W/E 29 Nov - Wednesday
Run 1hr02 | Steady 8.67m @7:12 | HRR 70-88%
Mobility 20 mins - Foam roller, stretches

Received the DCM Virtual medal today and a set of arm warmers with a cut out for your thumb. Never been so meh about a medal but the arm warmers was a nice surprise and I'll try them out for sure.

The run nearly didn't happen. Cosy Christmas tree house after work. Kids in the bath, a stew in the oven. I felt mentally exhausted. My watch need a charge too. The excuses were stacking up until I opened the door. Not as cold as expected due to near calm. Set off with tunes in my ear. When a beat comes on that I can match my cadence its a good perk to maintain the cadence focus.

Opted for a simple out and back through town and to inject a little light work. After the body warmed up I pressed the cadence for 2 miles keeping the effort high aerobic but not 10k (LT). 6:57 and 6:46 felt in around half marathon effort. How far I've fallen from the fitness last year. Not gloomy though, I definitely feel strong under the hood. The base is ok, its just layering some consistent volume and some work on top. 2 miles easier but still steady after that then 2 more tempo miles in 6:46, 6:39. The effort climbed into mid LT zone this time. I always seem to register a slightly higher HRR with cold air in my lungs. It felt good to hold "a pace" for longer stints and will see if I can advance the LT session reps later this week.

The stew after this cold steady state run was just awesome, and glad I was to get out the door and get it done :D
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Jan 3
Row 8k @182w | HRR 61-68%
S&C 25mins plyometrics | HRR 66-81%

I really wanted to run today. Gorgeous cold clear air. Alas headcold still bothering me. Runny nose and sneezing. Wouldn't get through a mile without snot rockets. Plus what would I get from a short easy run vs a night by the fire, mulled wine and an early nights sleep :rolleyes:

Indoor session so. 33 mins on the rower at 2:04.4, a pace I'd like to hold for a marathon some day. Got a sweat going. Heart rate was ok for the effort, a sign that this is above the neck. Next, mat out for a plyo session. This log will refer to cals (calisthetics) and plyo (plyometrics) regularly this year. Cals are bodyweight exercises while plyo are body weight and/or some weights and more dynamic movements.

Session was 3 Rounds of 60sec on/15sec off
Skater jumping squats
Mountain climbers
Jumping lunges
Russian twists with 12kg slam ball
Single leg glute bridges
Shoulder tap plank

60 sec feels like a long time when you are going hard, particularly on the jumping lunges and the russian twists. Used the 12kg slam ball I got in Aldi. It will feature regularly too. Quality stuff. Still had to resist going for a run all day.

Decided to swap to metric for this phase as I focus on 5k and 10k.

Week 1
49.9km (31 miles)
1hr26 rowing
1hr20 S&C

6 days active but just 50/80km target running and 7/10 hours. An ok start.
Next week is back to work and routine. I absolutely need to hit the morning predawn runs to get it done, plus get used to running metric again.

7/2,600 miles (11/4,200 km)
130/10,000 press ups
75/2,000 pull ups
21/1,000km rowing
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Jan 13
12.65k @5:13 Easy miles | avg HRR 57% max 67%
Yoga 36 mins | Yoga with Adrienne "Breathe" Day 2/30
Plyometrics 20 min PE with Joe

Relaxed run around the city bridges. A few other 7am runners and walkers about, otherwise rather peaceful. Even the swan were still asleep or lazily grooming themselves. The sounds of chirping passing the empty fabulous Curragower restaurant. More akin to the dawn chorus of a Sunday morning than midweek.

Its my favourite corners of Limerick to run. Around the Treaty Stone and onto the old Thomond Bridge facing King Johns Castle. In the 17th century during an early Irish Rebellion, a few hundred protestants holed up in the castle. They positioned snipers in the small town houses across from the massive castle entrance, to protect the bridge passageway. Some of those houses remain and are now painted in bright colours. My imagination often runs, crossing this oldest part of Limerick. The battles that took place. So many times Limerick itself was burned to the ground but the Castle and bridge remained.

Some Yoga with Adrienne when I got back. Lulled by 10 minutes of easy breathing and meditation before the glutes and core burned. "Breathe" Day 2 of 30. Check it out if you are into yoga. Enjoyable one.

20 minutes excitable family PE with Joe afterward. 35 sec on 25 sec off. 20 exercises. The hilarity and pain of the duck walk and bear crawl around the room colliding into each other

For a finish 5 sets of press ups to max with a minute rest. I managed 52, 15, 13, 12, 12. That last 12 was everything I had to drag the total to 100 for the first time. My shoulders and arms were on fire and dead from the first set. 4 more sets to max after it was just nasty. Total 104 reps.


91/2,600 miles (146/4,200 km)
595/10,000 press ups | 265/2,000 pull ups
24/1,000 km rowing
13/13 days active | 11 Run | 4 Row | 8 S&C | 2 YogaImage
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