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Re: Fit & Fast(er) for 2021

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:28 pm
by RunningMatters
Training up the subs bench.

Just. In. Case ;)

Week 39: Looking Back

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:05 am
by RunningMatters
RunningMatters wrote: Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:20 pm Weight: 93.4kg - very little change this week despite being careful with food and minimising sweet stuff altogether. Might need to keep a food diary for a couple of weeks to see where the weak spots are. :cry:
Left foot / Achilles / Calf - left foot is quite sore and stiff after the hike and in the morning. This indicates an over stretch in the connective tissue which generally comes from calf conditioning pulling on the heel.One to watch and address with more foam rolling and targeted hockey ball work.
Right shoulder - continuing rehab and exercises with physio direction
Run - continue with the Polar plan of 3 sessions this week
Row - keep to the plan with proper interval sessions included this week
Hike - should be in the Comeraghs but this nav event is cancelled. Will do a Saturday hike again with Ruaidhri
Mobility - work these into my day so they become a break from the desk. Include kayak erg as a session here too.
Bike - have spoken with BIL and will aim for a MTB session in the local hills this week. Juts get out and spin legs to get some conditioning back.
A fairly solid week of training. Most of what I am doing would be classed as 'base' as there is very little intensity involved which is why I'm not seeing the effect on the scales. My diet is tightening up and I definitely feel the changes in muscles and general feeling.

Rowing: (4) sessions | 49.6km | Time 03:45:00 => much the same as last week. I had intended including more short sessions but juggling kids activities meant I missed opportunities. Not the end of the world but something to address.
Kayak Erg: (2) sessions | Time 01:15:00
Running: (4) sessions | Distance 38.27km | Time 03:30:00
Yoga: (3) sessions | Time 01:20:00
Cycling: (6) sessions | Distance 90km | 05:10:00
Hiking: (2) sessions | Distance 12.8km | Time 04:10:00

A full week with some 20 hours of activity through the entire week.

Week 40: Looking Ahead

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:09 am
by RunningMatters
Weight 93.1kg - adding intensity this week will see this change

Goal is to maintain the consistency, keep the base and low intensity work going in general but continue to build the running program by the letter and add in some rowing power sessions.

Yoga, strength and kayak erg to continue as corner posts of general wellbeing and recovery work. As weather changes the school commute may not be a factor much, but I need to supplement this with my own bike work.

I also need to do a little more mid week reporting instead of one biggish catch up post at the start of the week.

Re: Fit & Fast(er) for 2021

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:44 am
20hrs nice week! Hoping to factor in a hike this week. The FT Challenge: we are 14th in our category despite a certain somebody yet to post! She promises at least 5k so its not zero!

Monday 28th

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:24 am
by RunningMatters
Discovered I'd missed a physio appointment last week, was a 6 week interval and I completely missed the date in my diary. So rescheduled for tomorrow morning - conscious of not overdoing the shoulder work as she puts me through my paces and a deep mobilisation massage.

Did a little bit of yoga - enjoying the Breathe & Flow channel which I'm finding tough but looking at some of the moves and stretches it is what I need to achieve. It will take time but the instructor is good (in my estimations). Bit of kayak erg too, not much, feeling it in my arms which is not good kayak stroke but then I realise its the stroke recovery that is hitting my arms not the stroke itself. Unlike real kayaking, the erg is offering no recovery in the stroke as there is constant tension on the bands. Good exercise though!

Hit the road for a run in the evening with BIL. Was supposed to be a 10min warm up, 35 min work and 5 recovery. Ended up being a 75min #GoDark trot into 'enemy territory' and back for 13km and chat.


Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:47 pm
by RunningMatters
I missed my appointment last week and got a cancellation today to get an update.

In general she is very happy and borderline surprised by the progress over the last 5-6 weeks since last visit. I explained I've started yoga stretching and cycling and running and kayaking and rowing and hiking more :D which is definitely helping.

Plan is continue with the stretch and mobilisation work. Introduce more loading on the shoulder, easily, I can't do a single push up or control a drop from pull up position but the goal is to start small and build these up. Maintain the range of motion and do more foam rolling and release of the entire supporting spine area.

First H/M

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 10:47 am
by RunningMatters
Did my first half marathon on the rower last night.

Kinda didn't intend to but got stuck into watching Midway on Prime and reckoned it was an excuse to spend time on the C2. Settled into a 18spm +/- and did 1km segments at 20spm just to break things up.

Was hovering around the 1:30-1:32 mark for a lot of the session which was close to the time I did 20k in the other evening. I was tempted to go for the 1:30 but opted to stay steady but push in the last 10k with 500m heavy 500m light rowing for most of it with a sprint 1k towards the end. Was definitely a negative split on the time so happy with that.

Confirmed on MS2 at the weekend so that will disrupt the plans for the weekend a little but it gets me out navving at night in what is promised to be bad weather. All about the balance :D

Re: Fit & Fast(er) for 2021

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 8:07 pm
Nice session there! Well done on the HM!

MS2 Day 1

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:53 am
by RunningMatters
I broke the rules. I left my county on Saturday to attend a last minute opportunity to fill a spot on Mountain Skills 2 course with Cormac from Fia Mountaineering

12 o'clock start in the classroom in Laragh with a review of MS1 navigation, orientation, scale, bearings etc and following a bite of lunch off we set for the hills. We moved up the valley a bit before parking and taking to the trails.

A lot of the course was about observation and keeping an idea of identifying your location based on where you have been and where you think you have arrived. Using reference points around you, ground traveled that kind of thing.

Once we got up onto the hill near Brockagh East we started taking turns on leading bearings to a point identified by Cormac - practising grid to mag bearing, distance measuring, pacing and timing to try arrive at the right place by judgement rather than relying on vision necessarily.

The wind was up but it stayed dry as we walked through sunset to darkness up the side of Tonalagee

Overlooking Lough Ouler in the dusk and gale force wind in our face we turned and headed back down to navigate to a bar of chocolate that Cormac had hidden. He gave me a long leg from Tonaglgee NE top to a boulder over close to Mall Hill. I had some mid point markers on my bearing a coll, and a hill in the middle, I had a stop marker in a large track running perpendicular to our destination and a ridge to drop down on which should lead us close.

However on the mid point hill I missed the ridge, and literally turned right off the top. Timing brought me to the right distance but 300m to the right of where I should be. We relocated and found the boulder but lessons learned:
  • Rather than point to point if I had known the next planned leg I would have aimed off to the LEFT of the mid hill, found the track and then handrail follow it to where I needed to be rather than missing to the right and working backwards.
  • always remember a hill will drift you off course even if you think you are on the bearing
  • double check - I thought I had an issue with compass as bearing didn't feel right to my legs - I should have checked with someone elses compass to eliminate that as a fault and readjust earlier
  • I should have recognised the ground on my left was rising which meant I was off the ridge at that point
  • ALWAYS bring my big headlamp for night hikes or a back up bright torch for highlighting features momentarily
We found the boulder and then the next leg across the bog, up the hill and find the bar of chocolate.

From here night was well in and we were on the homewards leg I took us from Brockagh to the fence line on a bearing rather than the track and then we were back on a track towards Brockagh East and with some shortcuts on bearing and attack points down to the cars and home.

A long day but packed with activity.

MS2 Day 2

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:37 am
by RunningMatters
What a difference a day makes.
#StormAlex blew in and brought terrific rain.

We met at the Miners Village tucked into the valley between Camaderry and Brockagh. Each looking at the other through steamed up car windows as the rain and wind howled. Making sure to get out the lee side of the car, tucked down and pulling on ALL the clothes and rain wear we were promised steeper ground for the day.

Sure enough, over the river we went making sure there was no risk of the concrete bridge being swept away or going under water and climbed up the side of the hill by the old lead mines over the cliffs.
This was slow progress but upwards rather than forwards on flat ground. Interspersed with risk assessments, climb over or around, move to improve decisions every few steps was learning or a puddle. Or both.
We had plenty of 'HOLE!' cries as we helped each other around obstacles.
Crabbing up over the cliffs we had a task to locate ourselves on the map through observation of the ground and terrain around us. Short pit stop and then onto the trail to a brief stop at Camaderry NE top.
Then walking sideways we followed trail to Camaderry, bearing down to coll, using running water to locate the flat spot and then a bearing to a big feature and planning a route using handrails, attack points to a small target which was a hut.

On the leg to the CP Cormac dropped his pack (was no longer trusted at the back of the group after that!) so we could practise back bearing and search patterns to locate it. Then it was time to hightail it out using the roads around Turlough Hill to Lough Nahanagan. Some tests along the way and location checks for our observations to see if we can put ourselves onto the map.
River crossings and feedback as we made our way down to the cars again.

11.97km in 05:30