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Re: 312 Days to go

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MCOS wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:38 am
Hike - Restrictions will likely remove any opportunity unless I #GoDark
There's a lot of vagueness in our training futures ;)
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310 days to go

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Monday 5 October
Row 60 mins easy | 13.48km | HRR 51%
Row 60 mins easy | 13.64km | HRR 51%

A pair of 1 hour rows very easy either side of the day. I had gotten used to taking the rower out onto the decking but the weather sure had turned.

Tuesday 6 October - Workout Day!
Row 1hr05 steady | 16k | HRR 68-79%
S&C 32 mins plyometrics 650 reps
Run 1hr10 session| 6x800m | HRR 83-91%

The row was not easy. A steady, climbing effort for 65 mins served its purpose as an extended warm up before I pulled out the mat. I used to do plyometrics regularly in my rowing days.

650 reps: for time!
10 burpees
10 burpees, 25 push ups
10 burpees, 25 push ups, 50 lunges
10 burpees, 25 push ups, 50 lunges, 100 sit ups
10 burpees, 25 push ups, 50 lunges, 100 sit ups, 150 air squats

32min 20 secs and I was wobbling for a finish. If doing this sort of stuff regularly, 30 mins is the mark to beat for this workout. Alas its almost pointless doing it once in a blue moon. Consistency is where you get the benefits. I couldn't do the strict push ups unbroken. A 16k row is probably a bit much to "warm up". The sit ups with my feet hooked under the radiator was torture. However I wasn't expecting the last set of 150 squats to hurt so much. The burn was significant from 70 reps and burned and burned and burned until I was done. Give it a go and see if you beat me

All this in the legs for a first run workout in 4 months! I was curious to say the least how the intervals would turn out later that evening. Daylight fades fast these days and with about an hour of pleasant chilly autumn sunshine left I got out the door. I had spent far too long procrastinating over what shoe to wear. Its been months since I wore the Boston 7s or 8s but didn't think the foot was ready for that kind of road feel yet. So the Beacon 3s again. Wide, cushioned, not my preference for a workout but they can do the job.

It was windy so I knew some reps would need some grit. The 3 mile warm up was lively. Loads out running and walking, great to see. My foot was complaining a little which had me a little concerned. I wasted no time once I reached the Industrial Estate and got stuck in.

The workout: 6x800m off 400m jog

1. 800m | Time 3:00 | Pace 6:02
2. 800m | Time 2:48 | Pace 5:38
3. 800m | Time 2:53 | Pace 5:48
4. 800m | Time 2:55 | Pace 5:52
5. 800m | Time 2:55 | Pace 5:52
6. 800m | Time 2:57 | Pace 5:56

The good: Getting it done. Despite no running workouts for 4 months, I got through it and despite the paces being inconsistent, they were not bad. I also learned something, that focusing on cadence instead of just "going" put me into a more manageable rhythm which is why the last 3 reps were steadier. I held an easy jog pace between reps so I wasn't overcooking in general.

The bad: My breathing was all over the place, especially into the cold wind. I had to stop mid rep a couple of times to catch my breath as it started to wheeze. This was more to do with pacing. Going off too hard at the start of the rep and my heart rate leaping from 60 to 85%+ HRR. On rowing workouts I can control the pace and build into a strong finish. I need to apply this to running.

The ugly: My foot, mildly complaining, started to flare up on the 4th rep. It affected my stride on the 5th rep and the last rep was sheer stubbornness to complete the workout. It was sore for a finish and I had an uncomfortable hobble home. So another thing learned is that while I was aerobically up for this, its too soon for the injury to handle this load. After a good sleep the foot feels much better this morning.
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Re: 310 days to go

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MCOS wrote: Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:06 am Give it a go and see if you beat me
Eh no, you're quite ok with that on your own. ;)

A lot to put in the legs before a hard workout. Just thinking that also is a load on the foot before running so worth watching those kinds of sessions back to back.

Hope foot feels better now.
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Thanks Sean, yeah you are right. It was also just an ambitious first workout and I should have pulled the plug after the 4th rep. We live and learn. It feels better today and I will be seeing the Podiatrist about treatment (she has my MRI results) when she is next in Limerick. Doc gave me the option of an injection to last X months but no looming marathon/event has me preferring the natural path.
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308 days to go

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Wednesday 7 October
Row easy 41 mins | 10k | HRR 63%
Yoga 29 mins
Row 'easy' 42 mins | 10k | HRR 62%

A pair of rows book ending the day. Tuesday workout day left my body in a jock. I peeled myself out of bed and scowled at the dark world outside. Is it just me or has everything become busier. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic in some way but i generally feel fortunate to be working from home, marvelous work life balance, more quality time with kids, cooking my lunches and making bread, working out during the day etc.. Yes there are woes but I tend to see the positive side of life first. The thing that got me was finally getting to see my kids go back to sport. My eldest's pure joy getting the ball into his hands for his first match in months after teenage isolation. I'm a fan. His mood changed, he was a normal teenager again happily chatting about the "moves" on and off the pitch He was playing with his little siblings. It was like a cloud lifted off the house. Then we are back to the restrictions and sport is off. The mood returns. Zoom dancing lessons, teenage hormones bottled up and the grey cloud returns..

Ok, rant over The first row was a bit of a struggle. I went hard on the body on Tuesday and felt it. The yoga felt wonderful. Stretching tired limbs, creaks everywhere. The evening row felt like that grey cloud. I felt as though the resistance was set higher than it was. The energy wasn't there. At 6k I felt feint and nearly threw the towel in. Stubbornness again made me pick the handle back up and finish it out. Had a feed and went to sleep off the day.

Thursday 8 October
Row easy 41 mins | 10k | HRR 61%
S&C 22 mins
Row 60 mins inc 3k tempo | 13.4k | HRR 60-85%

The difference a day makes. After a good kip I was tempted to go for a run but decided to give it another day rest. The chilly morning sunshine greeted me and instantly attracted me outside for the first session of the day. A much more energetic rowing warm up and then rolled out the mat, pull up bar and dumbbells.

The S&C:
2 round of (10-6-4 reps)
DB Thrusters
Strict Pull Ups
DB Deadlift
Strict Push Ups
Hollow Rocks

Then 1 round of
20 Forward lunges
20 Reverse lunge with knee drive
20 Squats
20 calf raises
20 hip bridges
20 narrow push ups
20 bicycle sit ups

I enjoyed this. The body was still a bit sore but this session was not "for time". I focused on quality of movement and was happy to maintain the short sets unbroken.

Later onto the rower again for an hour very easy. I put on Amazon Prime Eco Challenge Fiji for entertainment but Bluetooth issues had me stop for the bones of 2 minutes to sort. Meanwhile the clock kept ticking down but my pace boat dropped off the screen and fell some 500m behind. I almost ignored it when I started rowing again, keeping the the plan of a light row. However, I pulled a few hard strokes to get me back into the groove but didn't let up. I figured I'd try and catch back up to the pace boat! It only took over 3k or 12 minutes at 5k effort to catch it By the time I caught it, I settled to the very easy pace for the next 40 mins.
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Weekend activities

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Friday 9 October
Row 50 mins | Workout HIIT | 12.2km | HRR 66-88%
S&C 35 mins | Calisthenics
Kayak Erg 45 mins | @38spm | 6.1km

Workout day again. The row session was 20min progression every 4 minutes to warm up. Then a short intense HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session.
60s, 45s, 30s, 20s, 20s, 30s, 45s, 60s all at maximum effort and with equal recoveries. 10 minutes of painful lactic acid build up.

Then mat out 3 rounds of
5 burpees
10 strict pull ups
15 box jumps
20 push ups
25 hip bridges
30 forward lunge
35 sit ups
40 reverse lunge
45 sec plank
50 air squats

Good calisthenics workout (although the box jumps were more plyometrics). Not focusing on momentum to get through it as fast as possible but quality of movement with a micro pause after every rep (275 movements total).

Saturday 10 October
Rest Day! After a month and 60 straight sessions

Sunday 11 October
Row 87 mins | 20k Easy | HRR 58%

Simple longer row on a Sunday evening, my least favourite time to train.
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306 days to go

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Week Review
Overall more rowing volume volume as I stopped running again after the 6x800m workout :? I just wanted to give the foot a few days rest again before I start running easy. Got 2hrs S&C done which had the body tired but feeling good. My diet was about poor choices a lot of the week though and I didn't weigh in again to not depress myself.

Last week activities: Overall 12hrs 21mins
Row (9) sessions | 8hrs 26mins | 118.8km
Run (1) session | 1hr 10mins | 9.44 miles
Kayak (1) session | 45mins | 6.1km
Strength (3) sessions | 1hr 29mins
Yoga (1) session | 29mins

Week Ahead
The focus is very much on running base miles and starting the winter phase of a periodised 12 month plan (ending with a PR at DCM 2021!

Run at least 3-4 easy session, if all good some strides or 200m floats
Row 2 workouts focused on 2k pace
S&C 2hrs again with running specific conditioning
Foam roll! Long overdue...
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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That's a solid innings on the rower for the week. Well done.

I'm not focusing on my weight now, its going the right way and I'll hit pre Christmas goal, drift for a week and then drive on in New Year to get to race weight
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304 days to go

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Monday 12 Oct
Row 36 mins | Easy 8k | HRR 47%
Row 64 mins | Easy 15k | HRR 54%
Run 41 mins | Easy 5.04m @8:13 | HRR 61%
Row 30 mins | Steady 7k | HRR 59%

3 Easy sessions for Monday. Recovery row first thing, a longer easy lunchtime row and a run/row brick in the evening. Again I feel lucky to catch such a lovely sunny cool evening. I wore the Nike Pegasus 36 for something different. A full size up so plenty of toebox room. I was a little anxious about this for some reason, despite being a simple short vanilla run. Such things I would take for granted only earlier this year. Not to worry really, It was an enjoyable trot around suburbia. Hopped on the erg again for a half hour straight afterward.

Tuesday 13 Oct - Workout Day
Row 42 mins | 10x500m Hard off 90s | HRR 88-91%
S&C 22 mins | Calisthenics 360 reps
Row 30 mins | Easy 7k | HRR 62%

I improved the workout from last time I did it by a second per rep. That is significant when you are at 90% HRR! I kept the rate relatively low at 25-26spm for these. Usually 500s are at race pace -2secs and 30spm+ but I wanted to focus on power. The first rep as always feels horrible, despite a warm up. It just takes the lungs a rep or two to adapt to the workload. Reps 3-7 were solid and strong and the last 3 were a bit more like hanging on. I was never in danger of mentally or physically giving up so this was a very good workout overall. All reps were at sub 7 2k pace so I was a good one to bank ahead of that TT.

22 minutes calisthenics shortly afterwards sounds innocent but under fatigue from the 10x500s, it was a different matter. I kept the reps low as I wouldn't have the stamina after the erg.

2 Rounds (10-6-4)
DB Thrusters
Pull Ups
DB Deadlifts
Push Ups
Hollow Rocks

1 round of
20 fwd lunge, 20 squats, 20 rev lunge, 20 calf raise, 20 hip bridge, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups.

Sitting back onto the rower for 30 minutes "easy" was a struggle afterwards. It took a bit of grit to get it done on a very low tank :o
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Wednesday 14 Oct
Run 55 mins | 7.06m @7:48 | HRR 63%
S&C 20 mins | Calisthenics
Row 30 mins | Steady 7.5k | HRR 69-79%

Lovely evening again for a run, and happy am I to be running. Caught the last of the crisp clear daylight. I meandered out for a country hill climb thinking it would be lovely an peaceful. Alas, it was, except for the blasted midges. I was quite sweaty so rubbing one out of my eye with a sweaty paw didn't work, twice Feic that, back into the city for a few urban miles instead. The miles slipped by almost unnoticed. Felt good!

Straight afterward I rolled out the mat for 20mins of S&C. Nothing crazy, 480 easy reps. A half hour steady state on the rower after that was a bit tougher but I ground it out stubbornly.

Thursday Oct 15
Row 38 mins | 10k Steady inc 5x400m hard | HRR 74-93%

I had planned a longer session but a 10 hour workday + kids + not getting it done first thing, meant a short lunchtime window. I made the most of it with a 10k that finished just 17 secs off my PB. I did 400m at 2k pace at the end of every 2,000m and then didn't let the split drop below steady state. As a result every 2,000m got progressively harder. The final 400m was very close to TT effort. Great workout.

I had completely forgot about the DCM virtual event next week. Hmm. I wonder if I could complete a half marathon?! I spoke to the Podiatrist again this week and she sent me a treatment plan to strengthen my feet. Its a conservative treatment approach as a bursitis is not unlike a neuroma. She still advises a general orthotic and I have an option of an injection if the pain gets unbearable, however I want to take the natural recovery approach first.
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