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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Friday 16 Oct
Yoga 27 mins @5am
Run 43 mins | 4m Tempo! | HRR 69-85%
Row 40 mins | 4x4min LT | HRR 68-85%

Workout Day The run went better than planned. It was a short 6 mile local route and I planned to push the pace to steady and do a mile tempo if it felt good. After an easy mile, a steady 7:30 and all ok. It was brisk and my legs felt strong. The tempo mile was 6:53. Pretty happy with that. Nothing to write home about on these boards but for where I am at to do even a mile at MP was success. Thing is I didn't let off the pace, the next miles were 6:44, 6:39, 6:46!

Honestly very surprised by that. I wasn't watching pace just maintaining a low LT effort. It wasn't around an Industrial Estate either so local hills. The lungs were good, breathing good, legs strong, glutes firing. A few mechanical creaks (I'm not getting younger and the machine obviously needs oil more regularly) but the engine was not showing signs of 4 months of almost no running. An average pace of 6:45 for 4 miles bodes well for the start of winter training.

Later I hopped on the rower for another workout. Since the run was a success I didn't want to bury myself on the row. I picked 4x 4min LT off 2 mins recovery. Its a nice sweet spot session a bit slower than 5k pace. I held the lower end of the LT range for a solid workout.

Saturday 17 Oct
Day Off - Second one is as many weeks.

Sunday 18 Oct
Row 2hrs 05 mins | 30k | HRR 60-72%

Despite the volume of rowing I'm doing since the summer, this was easily my longest single row. I never even sat on the rower for 2 hours in my Uni crew days. I cut the pace down by 10sec every 5k to be working for a finish. It was a marathon focused long row. I'm aiming for a sub3 marathon in about 5 weeks. My glutes were in a state afterwards so I'll need to wear bike shorts for the long stuff. I also need to think about how I'll take gels and fluid etc..
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299 Days to go

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Week Review
Lower volume but there was quality every day, whether it was focused easy, hard, long, technical etc..

Last week activities: Overall 10hrs 43mins
Row (9) sessions | 6hrs 45mins | 105.4km
Run (3) session | 2hr 20mins | 18.2 miles
Strength (2) sessions | 42mins
Yoga (1) session | 27mins

Week Ahead
The focus is on building run volume again. If all ok, try to complete 13.1 miles for Virtual DCM
Only did half of the S&C and no foam rolling last week vs plan, so do better!
3 non sugar days (basically don't add sugary stuff like honey, sauce, condiments). I can't kick the sweet tooth but I can kick the sugar habit.

And from James T
Nick Gracie who is part of a team racing next year is hosting a session on Facebook tomorrow evening. Its aimed at those new to Adventure Racing and looking to get ready for events like the ITERA. Nick worked with us in planning the 2012 event, has competed in numerous Adventure Races across the world including winning the 2009 World Championships with Tom Gibbs our planner next year. To be part of the conversation you have to join the UK adventure racing Facebook group - this is a link to the “meetup”
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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There was some good feedback for the ARI in that facebook forum which was nice to see.

Hard to shake the sugar :cry:
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297 days to go

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Monday 19 Oct
Active recovery day | 60 min Kayak Erg

Tuesday 20 Oct
Workout Day | 57 mins Row 500m intervals + Strength

I had a short window for one session only. Not really ready for a run workout yet and the weather was manky. So plotted a mix of erg and mat and warmed up with a 20 minute steady row.

6 Rounds for time - Actual 29:57
500m row at 2k TT pace or better
20 Deadlifts
20 push ups
20 sit ups

A short sharp intense session. Last week on a 10x500m workout I had 90 sec recovery and fatigued naturally through the reps. This was just 6 reps so the "recovery" time was still work time. Aerobically I feel pretty good these days so although I was fatigued after the 60 reps on the mat, I had the juice to hold my target 300 watts on the rower. It was getting off the rower to face the mat that really hurt. Deadlifts are essentially like doing 20 hard rowing strokes immediately after a 500. Then the push ups from round 3 were broken up into smaller and smaller chunks.

On the last 500m I really pushed the pace into the red zone. I was heaving but in sight of finishing within 30mins. Went for it on the final 60 reps. Snuck under 30mins and lay on the mat in the recovery position for a minute. First time doing a workout like this and it was tough!

Wednesday 21 Oct
Yoga 23 mins
Run 61 mins | 7.34m @8:24 | HRR 58-67%

Out before the buses, bread van and bin men for this one. I awoke wide eyed just before 4am. Way too awake to doze off again so I just got up and did some yoga. I contemplated gong back to bed then but figured I need to get the morning habit back one way or another. So after a little procrastinating, shoes on and out the door. Perfectly enjoyable hour around town on quiet roads. It was not as cold as I had dressed for either so I sweated way too much for easy miles :rolleyes: The highlight was running along the river with the tide fully out. The shallower depth created rapids crashing over the rocks. In the dark it almost sounded like rumbling thunder.

Overall the foot felt good. I'm doing treatment exercises 3 times a day. The main goal this week is to try and complete 13.1 miles this weekend.
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293 Days to go

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Wednesday 21 Oct Cont...
Row 20 mins | 5k Step up warm up | HRR 65-87%
S&C 22 mins | Calisthenics | HRR 64-86%

The "warm up" was interesting. 3 sets of 100 strokes in a patter of 10 easy, 10 medium, 10 hard etc... Set 1 at 20spm, set 2 at 24spm and set 3 @ 28spm. Plenty to get the heart rate right up to LT and back.

The Calisthenics was tough. 3 rounds of 50-40-30-20-10... No rest!
50 alternate lunges
40 kettlebell swings
30 burpees
20 hollow rocks
10 strict chin ups or press ups or toe to bars

The burpees on round 3 were evil and my abs were on fire for the hollow rocks.

Thursday 22 Oct
Run 57 mins |Steady 7.775m @7:21 | HRR 70-81%
Row 60 mins | Steady 15km | HRR 69-81%

Running 2 days in a row! Progress :) Another glorious sunny autumn day, if not for a bit of a cool breeze. This was a gear up from easy but not marathon effort. Its not normally a zone I consider for much volume. For easy I prefer to be in a fat burning zone and for burning the carbs, closer to MP or LT. The middle ground is a bit meh for me with the body struggling to decide where to get the energy. I just don't feel like I get benefit from this zone. Having said that the purpose of it on this run was to push on a little from easy as I transition back into running more regularly. Hills and drags or headwind was steady and anything downhill easy. Happy to bank the bones of an hour running with no foot complaints.

Later I hopped on the rower for a steady hour at low rate. I felt a bit fatigued generally and the body was still a little sore from the Calisthenics the day before. I broke the hour into chunks of 20, 10 and 5 mins steady with the rest easy, to get it done. Some of the rowing will have to give as I gradually build running volume again but not all :)
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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Freaky Friday 23 Oct
Well the kids had a blast today. Sugar filled and wrecked coming home. My favourite costume apart from my own little ones of course (I was painting faces at 6am) was a full Donald Trump outfit on a 7 year old. Brilliant :)

Friday is workout day!
Row 45 mins | 4x1,000m off 3mins | HRR --->94%

The thing about rowing and building these sessions on top of the summer baseline is that I'm learning what I can apply to running when I'm fit enough to do so. 4x1k at 2k TT effort is nothing short of pain. It simulates the lactic build you will experience in an actual 2k TT. Its the last workout before I have a go at breaking 7 minutes next week.

The goal was to go sub 3:30 per rep but not at a cost of blowing up for the last rep. I wasn't feeling great after the warm up 20 mins with a spice of work. Perhaps fatigue form the previous few days. If I didn't get this done it would have to move to next week. I got stuck it to see what I had.
Rep 1 | 3:27.9
Rep 2 | 3:27.6
Rep 3 | 3:27.2
Rep 4 | 3:25.3

Couldn't have gone any better! It bloody hurt though. I train at power, lower reps so that in TTs I can go at a slightly higher stroke rate to hold the power if I need. The first rep was good and I avoided the red zone. On rep 2 I found a zone and only hit the top of Z4, maybe just Z5. Rep 3 though was different. I was in Z5 almost within a minute and by 500m I was swimming in lactic. The legs hurt and I wanted to get off. I just straightened the core, and drove the legs down. Motivated now to complete workout. 3 minutes active recovery melted away and it was go time.

This last rep is where I'd feel what it would feel like on the last 1k of the test. I made sure not to burn too early but I was in the red zone inside 30 secs and it was a long long long 3 minutes from there. The legs burned with every stroke, the lungs were on fire, the metres counting down in slow motion. I held on. Did I mention it hurt? It took a minute to stand up only to have to sit down again, the quads were shaking. Very solid session, a benchmark one for a 2k TT. I'll still dread it on the day but at least I've banked that pain now.

I had planned a very easy session for later but the running priority is completing 13 miles tomorrow so thats more important. Had some Veg (courgettes, peppers, sweet potatoes) seasoned with cumin in the oven during it and cous cous getting ready. It was just a matter of carefully poaching 2 eggs, adding oven warmed cherry tomatoes, fresh corriander, seasoning and enjoying perfect post workout snack :D

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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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That's a smashing week done Mike! Kudos on the post workout snack too :)
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Re: Captain's Log, Stardate 14082021

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KBC Dublin Virtual Half Marathon | 1:34:12 | HRR 70-89%

This was the best run I've had since the Boards 5k TT way back in April. I'm suitably sore today, indicating a proper effort was given. It was windy but I got it done in sunshine just ahead of the heavy rain. I ran it over a local country honest undulating loop.

Running with the app was just a pain. I don't bring my phone on runs. Just hate carrying it and no interest in strapping it to my arm, hip, forehead or anywhere. As I got progressively more sweaty I feared I'd lose my grip and it would smash on the tarmac. The app itself was annoyingly slower than the garmin prompts. There was a good 10-20sec lag and the average pace called out was 1-2 secs slower. The app gave me a time of 1:34:12 and Garmin/Strava 1:33:31. The app also all of a sudden declared it was 100m to go. It a fatigued state it was like a shot of red bull straight to the heart and frightened me and my hamstrings into a final sprint. That last 100m was <5:30 pace. My hamstrings survived, just.

It was my longest run since late May. Up until that point I was running 10 miles a day and loving the fit feeling. Then a hamstring niggle slowed me down before a foot injury frustratingly cancelled a sunny summer running. On advice I didn't run a step for 5 weeks. By Mid September I was back to 2 easy short runs a week and that has been the rhythm. In October I've managed 3 runs and 20 miles a week.

As such this rather nondescript half marathon loomed large. I had tested the foot for up to an hour without issues. The goal was simply to complete the distance. With all the rowing Ive been doing and the few runs, Garmin has my VO2 at 59. I generally feel good and knew aerobically this would be fine.

I set off running and pressed start on the app, which counted down from 5. This accounted for some of the lag I'm sure. Miles 1-4 were easy to steady 7:40 pace, finding a groove and settling in. My fueling strategy was a stack of blueberry and banana american pancakes with maple syrup. I had also mowed the lawn and played rugby with the kids before I set off. Not fussing over a time goal tends to make you quite relaxed. I was secretively nervous about my foot though.

Feeling good and out quiet country roads into the wind, I pressed miles 5 and 6 in 7:17 and 7:17. Rhythm is a happy place for me. I thought the app would give me a 10k mark, even late, but nope. When I turned out of the wind I pressed my cadence and the pace and effort started to feel more like a half marathon. Mile 7 beeped at 6:58. Hmmm decision time. 6 miles was still a long way to go but the foot was good and the lungs were good. I threw caution to wind and went with it.

Miles 8 and 9 in 7:02 and 6:55 were solid, holding the effort over rolling country hills. It did occur to me that If I had chosen a more urban route I might have seen others out staring into a phone at pace and joined the camaraderie. I did feel like I was part of an "event" though so I treated it as such. Mile 10 beeped at 6:49 and I was working for it now. However it was familiar terrain, my daughter's school, the park, the hospital all check marks I naturally have to know what exactly is left.

I was enjoying this now. It started to rain lightly and the wind was blowing from most directions. I thought about time for the first time. Some quick math and I figured I was well under a 1:40 finish maybe even 1:35 if I could hang on. Mile 11 was 6:43 and I felt alive. I enjoyed the hurt for it was not that awful sharp pain under my foot but the feeling of the engine burning, the glutes, quads and hammers stretching at the seams. Just 2 miles to go and it was all gravy. Mile 12 was 6:53 and half of it was up a long drag. Mile 13 emptying the tank with a 6:35 before the app declared suddenly, 100m to go.

I finished up suddenly on a trail behind my house, panting, to the amusement of a family out for a walk with the dog. Nobody else. Sort of weird. I glanced at the app, grinned at a 1:34 and trotted gingerly home. Not remotely near a PR but I wasn't expecting that :)
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289 days to go

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Week Review
First week since June I think where I've run more than I rowed! The 4x 1k row and Dublin Virtual Half Marathon were the highlights. Both tough. It was a reduced hours week to be somewhat fresh for the HM. I didn't have non sugar days but I made some better non sugar choices. Like cinnamon instead of honey, fruit instead of granola etc..

Last week activities: Overall 8hrs 15mins
Row (4) sessions | 2hrs 25mins | 39km
Run (3) sessions | 3hr 36mins | 28.6 miles
Kayak (1) session | 60mins | 8.5km
Strength (2) sessions | 52mins
Yoga (1) session | 23mins

Week Ahead
Execute a sub 7 minute 2k Test on the rower - embrace the pain!
Progress the run volume to 30 easy miles over 4 runs and roll out some very tight hamstrings
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289 days to go, new week

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Monday 26 Oct
Row 43 mins | 10k Easy | HRR 51%

Legs sore from the run yesterday. I'm fit but not running fit, yet.

Tuesday 27 Oct - Workout Day
Run 54 mins | Easy 6.4m @8:28 | HRR 54-65%
Strength 20 mins AMRAP
Row 36 mins | 6x500m off 60sec | HRR 79-90%
Conditioning 30 mins light calisthenics and foam roller

Wow tight hamstrings! My usual leg swinging pre run mobility ached. Early easy miles from darkness to dawn. It was wet and mild but the wind made it feel cold. Almost all of the run was on a slippery blanket of wet fallen leaves. I felt positively awful for the first mile and while I wouldn't say I loosened up, it did get better.

Back home and straight into a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. It sounds so innocent but it was a bit of suffering. I mainly struggled on the push ups. After 4 rounds I was breaking down to 3s, 2s singles. I was a bit hungry so the energy was not there, especially after the bones of an hour run. I managed 13 rounds +9 reps for a total of
70 pull ups
134 push ups
185 squats

Part 2 of today's workout was on the rower at lunchtime. A reduced set of 500s (6x500m) but also reduced rest time from 90s down to 60s. The objective was to feel some of the pain I'm going to experience with the test later this week. I foam rolled the legs for 10 minutes before it started. The target was 1:44 per rep.
1) 1:42.6
2) 1:42.4
3) 1:42.0
4) 1:42.2
5) 1:41.9
6) 1:41.2

Good short quality workout. By the end of the 4th rep I was entering the pain gave. Good! I thought. These next 2 reps were what I needed. Rep 5 I was motivated and just drove the legs. They were hurting from this mornings workout and it was mentally tough to hold the power. I recovered little in the last 60 secs but got stuck in and completed the final rep harder than the others.
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