[RACE REPORT] Kate’s View: The Beast of Ballyhoura 2015 – The return of #TriHarder AR

This is Kate’s race report from #BeastofBallyhoura. Enjoy…

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[RACE REPORT] The #BeastofBallyhoura – Out of the Darkness and into the Night – The Final Push

So sometime around midnight we arrived back in the hall to get some sleep, wrecked after a stressful day on the mountains.

It was not restful sleep as people kept banging in and out through the door, it didn’t help alleviate the fatigue at all and the floor was cold, but you know what? It could have been a whole lot worse.

We sorta roused ourselves, likely each of us hoping one of the others would broach the subject of stopping but that was not going to happen! If your name is Jose, then the answer was “NO WAY!!”

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[RACE REPORT] Trekking the #BeastofBallyhoura (see what I did there? ) – Part 3

It’s just after midnight and the moon is out.

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[RACE REPORT] Awakening the #BeastofBallyhoura – Part 2

Ok so the first bit wasn’t really about racing, more about the preamble. This is the race proper.

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[RACE REPORT] – The #BeastofBallyhoura puts smiles on the faces of #TriHarderAR – Part 1

Ok. I’m going to keep this race report short….

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Tracking the Beast trackers

In case you missed the build up or have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, tomorrow Team #TriHarderAR (yes, the #Hashtag is part of our name 😉 ) will be embarking on the Adventure of their lifetime (so far).

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