[RACE REPORT] Kate’s View: The Beast of Ballyhoura 2015 – The return of #TriHarder AR

This is Kate’s race report from #BeastofBallyhoura. Enjoy…

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[EVENT] Setanta Orienteers – Irish Rogaine Championships 2015

Well, that was an epic event!

All easy looking back now and appreciating the event for what it was, it was not so pretty when you were in the thick of it that’s for sure!!!

None of us had a clue about rogaine or the art of rogaining when we first heard about it. It was an event that popped up on my Facebook timeline at one stage and I was suitably intrigued enough to read more. Setanta Orienteers were set about hosting the Irish Rogaine Championships in the Wicklow mountains. There was enough mystery about the proposed area of coverage and starting point to appeal to our collective adventure spirits and in no time at all the 24hr rogaine was to be a backbone navigation ‘training’ event for our Beast preparations.


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It just got real!!!

Mike has just confirmed that Team #TriHarder are registered for the 2015 Beast of Ballyhoura!! πŸ˜€

Time to get a move on with the training πŸ˜€

There just aren’t enough smilies Β for this post!!!:D πŸ˜€

The Beast of Ballyhoura – Tuesday 28th July to Monday 3rd August 2015

Class: Mixed
Team Name: #TriHarderAR
Team Nationality: Irish
Team Website details: http://triharderar.com/
Team Facebook details: https://www.facebook.com/triharderAR
Other Social Media details: https://twitter.com/TriHarderAR

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